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Willing to give it a try

Haunted House at Foothills claims to rival any haunt in the country.   I'll give 'em a chance. Whose with me?


Phobia is an accumulation of people's deepest fears.  You may find your specific Phobia or we may create a new one for you.  If you are afraid of something, it's probably in our haunt.  If you don't like being scared or you don’t like dark, nasty places, DON'T COME!  We have had grown men pee their pants and scream like little girls.  About 20% of our customers don't even make it through the entire haunt.  You won't just face your fears, you will run from them.


The date has been set for our annual to Dr. Jebediah Hyde's Goulliard Asylum for the perpetually INSANE.  Saturday Oct 10th!   Mer is requesting days off to come down and say good-bye to us in style before she leaves for Seattle.  As such the date is set in stone as of now.

6pm as usual. All details on webpage.  This year's theme: ZOMBIEESSS!!!!



So, in going to Salem, I knew I only wanted a read from the one psychic/witch I really respect.  Lori Bruno was invited to Obama's inauguration, was given a Certificate Of Commendation from Michael Dukakis for her work protecting children, and once got Ted Kennedy to provide an eye operation for a girl whose family couldn't afford it.   She's top tier.

When I first met her all I did was say what a big fan I was of her work and the radio show she co-hosts.  She IMMEDIATELY started getting all these dead on facts about Cory.  She gave me two rose quartz stones, she said "these are for you and your wonderful lady. She has lots of kids that aren't yours? Oh, she's a Sagittarius you two are so good for each other."     I know the tricks psychics use but I hardly said anything to her at first, let alone anything she could grab info from; and these weren't vague "You know someone whose name starts with 'J" type things they were spot on.  During the actual reading she pulled up exact details on a doctor's appointment Cory had just had.

What I mostly wanted to talk with Lori Bruno about were my lingering doubts about abandoning my plans for getting out of Tucson.  She told me to stop worrying all the time.  That this is where my purpose is. That Tucson has brought me to love, friendship, and family. She says she and her coven have Salem covered, my job is Tucson.  She is also very very definite that Cory and me are blessed together; and all good things shall come from that.

So, in three months time I've met three life long travel dreams - Roswell, SanDiegoComicCon, and Salem.  Like any true Hero's Journey the end brought me back to the beginning; and reaffirmed my place here.
But she said Salem will always welcome me back---on my last walk through the city yesterday people were literally running out of their shops to hug me, say good bye, and tell me to come back with Cory soon.

I've was also told to continue my search for magic around the world, but then to go home and WRITE about it
Next year....Transylvania

More pics from Witch CityCollapse )

Hello Salem!

Tomorrow I'll be in Witch City!  I had an amazingly successful bit of luck selling stuff to Bookman's today, so I'll have plenty of gold for spells.  Hmmm, who gets the Hex and who get the Lust spell? And who gets both? Have a good Labor Day weekend!  f'htagn! fhtagn!

I want you all to remember a very important birthday today. No not f*cking Tucson, rather I'm talking about an even greater source of unholy depravity and corruption:


From the World Of Darkness: Shadows of Mexico book


Tucson, Arizona, is a small chunk of civilization in the vastness of the desert of Desolation---an urban center riddled with secrets and holes, which hide the night's terrors.

Yup, there's my great Destiny written down in black & white in a damn rpg book.  How freakin appropriate. Maybe that will be the title of my autobiography: Desert Of Desolation
Felicia gets any more adorable and I'm mailing her to Abu-Dhabi


Ok, so Aaron is being a total bro, and taking me to the airport for my 5:45am flight. Would anyone like to volunteer for a slightly easier job?  I get back from Salem on Tues, Sept 8th at 10am-- after an 8hr layover in D.C.  So, I'll  be pretty dead, could I beg a ride home from anyone?


Oh yeah, is there anyone willing to give me a ride to the airport on Sept 4th?

The catch?   My flight leaves at 5:45am

I figure that's too early, but thought I'd ask

20 Innocents

Made my hotel reservations and purchased my nonrefundable last minute plane ticket to Salem.  Which means I'm DEFINITELY GOING!   What a way to kick off the Halloween season.  Wow, I was excited about Roswell, but this.....          To see buildings that look like buildings should look.  No adobe, no trailers, no ugly apartment buildings, no prefabs; but REAL buildings that look like something under an Xmas tree or from a Ray Bradbury book.   Haunted houses, horror wax museums, pirate museums all within walking distance.  And I'll be going alone.  I'll be able to spend an hour wandering through graveyards, or watching the ocean, without anyone saying: I'm Bored, What Else Is There To Do?, blah blah blah

Actually some part of me hopes I'm just a little disappointed with Salem; otherwise coming back with break my heart like no girl has ever done.  Well, I'll just focus on my next adventure: TRANSYLVANIA